Maintenance Services

About Our Maintenace Services

Our maintenance crew takes care of all general repairs. Routine service calls usually take between 1 to 5 days to complete. Of course, emergencies are given top priority and include such problems as: sewer back up; heating problems; non-working toilets, and flooding.

During business hours, call the office at 315-363-8450 and the staff will record the request and inform the maintenance staff. When calling, the tenant should provide their name, apartment number, and the repair needed. If you wish to contact the maintenance crew after hours, please call 315-894-8524. To be safe, if the repair is not done in a reasonable period of time call back to be sure the order was logged in.

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Our HUD ratings are top notch. HUD rated High Performers 2005 through present. We’re also HUD ranked 99 out of 100 for physical inspections.